When you want your home to be healthy, fresh, and beautiful, your carpet and upholstery need to be clean.  There are reasons to choose professional cleaning over a do-it-yourself job.



You Will Have The Best Results


Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can be useful on a weekly basis, but this approach does not provide the best results when you want your upholstery and carpets to be deep-cleaned.


Deep cleaning requires the special equipment, skills, and experience of professional cleaners.  You are guaranteed to have excellent results each and every time.



Professional Cleaning Is The Budget-Friendly Choice


You may be wondering how having your upholstery and carpets cleaned by a professional is best for your budget.  The small investment can actually help you save money.


If you try to deep-clean your home on your own, you will spend a considerable amount of money on cleaning products and supplies.  They may not even be the correct products for the job.  You can avoid wasting money by hiring a professional.  The small cost of professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is the best way to avoid costly experimentation.



There Will Be No Mistakes


Cleaning can be a complicated task for the average homeowner.  It only takes a small mistake to harm fabrics and fibers, and cause carpeting and upholstery to fade.  It will not look as nice as you hope, and you may need to repair or replace it.


There is no room for errors with professional cleaners.  When you hire a cleaner, your entire house will be beautiful.  Whether you have carpeting and upholstery in one room or throughout your house, it will be in perfect condition when the job is completed.  Your upholstery and carpet will undoubtedly last longer.



Your Home Can Be Healthy


You want a healthy environment for yourself, your family, and even your pets.  Many of the products you can purchase for cleaning are not healthy.  In fact, they can pose health risks for your family members and pets.  They are made with toxic chemicals that affect the air, and leave toxic residue on the upholstery and carpets.  You do not want anyone in your home to breathe these chemicals, or have the chemicals touch their skin.


For the healthiest home, professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning is the solution.  You can hire a carpet cleaning company that uses green cleaning products, such as Chem-Dry or others.  Your home will be a healthy, safe environment for everyone.



Green Cleaning Is Environmentally-Friendly


Your family’s health is not your only concern.  You are concerned about the outdoor environment, too.  When toxic chemicals are rinsed away, they harm the waterways, air, and soil.  Even the packaging can remain in landfills for decades.


Professionals who use green products care about the outdoor environment.  The eco-friendly products and biodegradable packages will cause no harm to the outdoors.  It is a simple way to do your part to keep the environment clean and safe for future generations.



You Will Save Time


Even if you enjoy cleaning your house, the fun stops when it comes to deep-cleaning carpets and upholstery.  It is an exhausting chore that takes too much time.  When you hire a professional, you will not have to spend your free time cleaning.


Think of what you would prefer to do with your free time.  You can relax, spend time with your family, or participate in a favorite activity instead of cleaning.


Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is also a time-saver when you want to be inside your home.  You do not have to leave your house for an extended period of time while waiting for it to dry.



Cleaning On Your Own Schedule


If you clean as a do-it-yourself job, it interferes with your daily life.  A professional can do the job whenever it is convenient for you.


In addition, cleaning can be scheduled as often as you need it.  One factor is the degree of traffic in your house.  Households with children or pets need more frequent cleaning than homes with singles, couples, or older individuals.  You can discuss your situation with your cleaning service, and they can set up a cleaning schedule that meets your needs.



Less Work For You


There are many ways a cleaning service can reduce your workload.  While the job itself is time-consuming, there is more to it than the cleaning itself.  Extra work includes moving furniture back and forth, disposing of cleaning supplies, and trying to avoid breaking delicate objects.


You will not have these issues when a professional cleaning service does the job for you.  You will have the very best upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, and much more.  You will not have any clean-up to do after the job is completed, and your home will be in perfect condition.  All you need to do afterward is relax and enjoy it.  Your home will be healthy, spotless, and beautiful.

Top Hip and Knee Replacement Specialist in Virginia

There are plenty of reputable orthopedists in Richmond; but when it comes to hip and knee surgery, Dr. David W. Miller Sr., MD is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the state. His goal is to reduce your pain and suffering, getting you back to your normal life and mobility. Some of the orthopedic care he works with include: sprains, strains, fractures, and arthritis. However, his specialization is hip and knee replacement.

Whether or not surgery is needed, Dr. Miller provides both surgical and nonsurgical solutions to treat hip and knee problems. A surgical solution might be a full hip or knee replacement, while a non-invasive solution may be lifestyle changes or physical therapy. Dr. Miller’s office also specializes in arthroscopy – a non-invasive outpatient surgical procedure performed with small incisions.

Knee Replacement

A knee replacement means removing diseased or damaged joints and replacing them with a prosthesis. Dr. Miller and his staff undergo continual education to perfect their technique and stay up-to-date with newer technology. There are very few complications associated with a knee replacement, and often full mobility is restored. Furthermore, you may resume your life pain free after a short recovery period.

Hip Replacement

Similar to a knee replacement, a hip replacement refers to replacing bad joints with prosthetic. Dr. Miller was the first doctor in Virginia to use the Direct Anterior Approach. This hip arthroplasty technique is minimally invasive and offers a faster recovery. Only small incisions are needed to get directly to the joint, removing the need for muscle and tissue disturbances.

Hip and knee replacements have grown to be less painful over the years with less recovery time and better results. People often return to their lives able to walk and move with flexibility and zero pain. Few complications are associated with either surgery as well.

With a thorough examination, treatment, and plenty of rest – Dr. Miller offers the medical services to get you back on your feet quickly.

Robertson Electric – In Home Maintenance Solutions

Relying on different home repair companies can be a pain. Many homeowners in Virginia are making lists of their go-to plumbers, electricians, etc. and posting them on their refrigerator. Researching and finding reviews for each of these separate companies can be a chore.





Robertson Electric, located in Charlottesville VA, offers a solution as a one stop home repair company. They offer the following services to their surrounding community: HVAC, Clean Indoor Air, Plumbing, and Electrical. With customers who have been around for over 40 years, they have built a reputation that you can trust. Following is a list of their services and capabilities.

Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling

Robertson Electric services any brand of heating and air conditioning unit, thermostat, or humidifier. Uncomfortable in-home temperatures can be unbearable, and technicians always arrive on time to return your home to its original, comfortable state. In addition to repairs, Robertson also installs each of these fixtures.

Clean Indoor Air

During harsh winters and sweltering summers, we are accustomed to finding value in airtight seals and insulation. However, eliminating sources of fresh air means that indoor air is becoming increasingly polluted. Controlling the air quality in your home means regular air duct cleaning, ultra violet treatments, and air cleaning systems. Count on Robertson for  installations, maintenance, and evaluations to create a clean and safe environment indoors.


Understand and recognize plumbing issues in your home. Simple annoyances like low water pressure, hot shower spells during toilet flushing, and unpleasant odors can stem from a bigger problem. If you are noticing any faucet, pipe, drain, or disposal-related issues in your home; you can trust Robertson for a thorough fix. From huge drain line installations to smaller garbage disposal repairs, their range of services have you covered. Robertson also provides whole home inspections to find and correct problems before they lead to disaster.


Robertson’s qualified electricians are there for your breakers, light fixture installations, ceiling fan installations, smoke detectors, generators, and beyond. Similar to plumbing, they also offer whole house electrical inspections to find and prevent electrical hazards.

In addition to a wide range of services and expertise, Robertson offers timely service and a reasonable quote before they begin work. Better still, they offer options to keep your home green and energy efficient. The Charlottesville community has grown to trust Robertson Electric to keep their homes running safely and efficiently.

The Preschool & Daycare Search

Once you have decided it is time for your child to go to preschool, finding a good program will be the next logical step.  Starting the search early is always a wise decision.  When it comes to day care in Chesapeake, for instance, residents know that they should start their search early.  Some families even apply to the best preschools right after their child is born.

After identifying a few promising schools, send out applications to all of them.  This will give you options if your child is not admitted to your first choice.  Below are some guidelines on finding the best preschool program for your child:

Categorize Your Priorities

• Decide whether you want a preschool near your home or your workplace.

• Decide if you want a curriculum that includes activities like storytelling and dancing. 

• Determine if you prefer the school to have a particular approach to learning.

• Make a list of all your desires to serve as reference when evaluating various programs.

Conduct Research

Find the most highly regarded preschools by asking family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to provide you with the names of reputable institutions.

Seek Expert Advice

Your local Child Care Agency can provide a list of accredited preschools nearby.  Accreditation is not a guarantee that a specific preschool will be ideal for your child; however, a stamp of approval from the governing body is a good sign of quality childcare.

Use the Internet

Visit the websites of your local and state agencies for contact information and guidelines to narrow down the search. Some of these websites have a searchable online database of accredited preschools and day care centers.

Visit and Consult

• Asking about enrollment, fees, and a few other preliminary questions over the phone is always a good thing.  However, going to the school and meeting the staff will give you a better sense of what the institution is really like.

• Ask about everything including tuition, hours and vacation schedules.  You should also find out about philosophies on child rearing matters like nutrition and discipline.  In addition, you should request a copy of their daily schedule.

• Pay attention to your gut feeling about the school and take note of how your questions are handled by the director.

• Visit the classrooms and pay attention to the teacher-child ratios.  Experts recommend that no more than 18 2 year olds and 3 year olds should be in a group and 2 teachers should be assigned.  No more than 20 should be in a 3 to 4 year old group, with the same number of teachers.  Two or more teachers are recommended for a class of 20 5 year old students.

• Observe teacher-student interactions to see if they are encouraging, friendly and caring.  Ensure that the school has a safe, warm and clean environment, experienced teachers and a challenging curriculum.

• Inquire about staff turnover and if there is a revolving door of teachers, move on.  Consistency and an opportunity to forge strong bonds with their caregivers are essential for children.  Therefore, a preschool with frequent staff changes is not ideal.

Check References

• A powerful endorsement of any preschool is word of mouth.  If the institution has a certain buzz, find out what parents like about it.  Ask for a list of parents who have children attending the school, call several of them and ask detailed questions.  Find out exactly what they like about the school and if there is anything they would change about it.  If their child is no longer enrolled in the school, find out why.

• Calling the Better Business Bureau in your state is a good idea as well.  You can find out if there has been any complaint filed against the any teacher or the school itself.

Do A Kid-test

Take your child along on a visit to the school.  This is a great way to see how he or she interacts with the teachers and other students.  Take note of whether he appears comfortable in this new environment.

Deciding on a preschool for your child is ultimately a personal decision.  After the visit to a particular preschool, if you like the idea of your child attending this school, it is probably the ideal choice for him or her.

Your home’s roof plays a crucial role in your family’s safety by providing the first line of defense against sunlight, wind, rain and snow. Whether you are building a new home or updating your current residence, nothing is more important to protecting your investment than purchasing a quality roofing system. The roofing experts at BNW Builders in Richmond, VA are dedicated to providing you with the best roof your money can buy.

Selecting a Quality Roofing System

gaf roofing system logoWith so many options to choose from, selecting the best roof for your home can be challenging under any circumstances. BNW Builders believes in supplying you with the best quality materials at a competitive price. The contractors can help you select a roofing system that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Choosing the Best Shingles

Quality shingles improve the appearance of any home exterior while providing the best protection against the elements and increasing property value. They offer a wide range of quality shingles manufactured by GAF, the largest and most respected name in the roofing industry.

Timberline Ultra HD shingles are thicker than standard shingles offering a multi-dimensional wood shake look that greatly improves curb appeal. These multi-layer shingles offer superior protection and the highest fire rating possible from Underwriters Laboratories. Dura Grip seals lock shingles firmly in place allowing them to withstand wind speeds up to 130 mph.

GAF tinmerline roofing shingles on homeTimberline Cool Series Shingles incorporate advanced reflective technology to increase the energy efficiency of any home. These shingles offer a higher level of reflectance, which minimizes heat transfer to the attic and keeps the home’s interior cooler during the hot summer months. With Cool Series shingles, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard so you save energy and pay less to keep your home comfortable when the outside temperature rises.

Other options include Woodland designer shingles crafted to mimic expensive hand-cut European shingles but for a lot less money than it costs to install traditional wood shakes or slate roofs. The dimensional design offers a sophisticated but rustic look to any home. Custom colors complement the artisan-crafted shapes for unsurpassed beauty at an affordable price.

BNW also carries a wide variety of colors and styles to match any home’s architectural style. All of the shingle options carry a lifetime warranty giving you the peace of mind you deserve. The experienced roofing specialists can help you choose the perfect shingles for any home.

Hire a Richmond Roofer You Can Trust

When you need a reliable roofing contractor in Richmond, you can depend on the experts at BNW Builders. Inferior roofing materials and improper installation methods can end up costing you thousands of dollars in property damage and replacement costs. Your roof should last for decades and when you rely on them, it will. They are among the less than 900 roofing companies in the country honored with the GAF Factory Certified Master Elite designation. This prestigious honor belongs to less than 3% of the roofing contractors nationwide. When a a GAF Weather Stopper roof in installed on your home, you receive a 50-year warranty on all material defects in addition to a 100% warranty on top of the workmanship for 25 years.

dentist chairFinding a great family dentistry in Richmond VA can be very challenging. I have been jumping around from practice to practice and today I fell in love with the people up at Modern Dentistry. They are extremely experienced and are skilled in many different areas. Their services include implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, full mouth reconstruction, orthodontic care, and preventative oral therapy. By excelling above and beyond with their services and results, we deemed them fit for being showcased as the best Richmond dentistry today.

My experience starts at 10 a.m. on Sunday. My three boys, my wife and I are on our way down Hull Street so we can all get our teeth checked out. They are triplets at the age of 3 and this is their second time at this family dentistry. They are still pretty nervous and they claim they don’t remember their past experience six months ago. I had been coaching them all week and everyone was ready to have their smiles examined and the sugar beetles removed. They knew how important proper dental hygiene was, but I think they just get nervous when people are touching their mouth. I think I had to answer around a hundred questions and I was very careful not to mention the negative words like “hurt” or “pain”. I was also careful not to talk about any bad experiences I have had at the dentist.

When we got there we all checked in and I was pleased how easy it was for them to work with my new insurance under BlueCross BlueSheild. For everyone else, they accept Metlife, Delta Dental Premier, Aetna PPO, GEHA, United Healthcare, Guardian, United Concordia, and Connection Dental Plans. The front desk attendant was super friendly and gave each of my boys a high five. My three boys, Tommy, Timmy, and Lou, immediately ran to the play corner that was filled with fun toys and games. I have never seen such a fun atmosphere at any family dentistry that I visited. The boys went first while my wife and I split up back and forth between the boys. It was hectic, but the dentists worked really well with our situation. When the boys were done we each had a chance to get in. Lucky for us our entire family was cavity free!! I pay tribute to my wonderful wife for preparing meals that had low sugar and acid content as well as strict enforcement on tooth brushing, flossing, and rinsing. We plan on always having a house full of smiles all the time and Modern Dentistry seems to be the best place to maintain that status.

Partners Financial Federal Credit Union (PFFCU)

Credit unions have many benefits over working with banks. Although banks offer a level of convenience with thousands of ATMs and their own mobile apps, credit unions can help you earn and save some extra money. These organizations are usually focused on benefiting the community, and they are less concerned about making a profit. Therefore, credit unions are able to make decisions about offering loans and certain interest rates to different people without complying with a corporate policy. It is solely up to them how much they can or cannot help you. Most credit unions have
low interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on your savings accounts, letting you earn some extra income as well.

Virginia offers residents a variety of credit unions who offer different services. Partners Financial, a credit union in Richmond VA, is an example of an organization that thought of everything to keep your bank account and family happy. For instance, they offer financial classes for children to give them a head start on smart spending and budgeting. They also offer loans for first time car buyers and additional support for those who are just starting out being financially independent. From children, to young adults, to families as a while, PFFCU has you covered with excellent service and financial options.

PFFCU also offers helpful features on their website. From showing you different cars to buy in the area, to using an online loan calculator, to offering convenient paperless options, it’s easy to manage your accounts. One special service that Partners Financial offers is an imagine tunes checking account. Using day to day transactions on this account, you can easily earn credit for iTunes and amazon.com.

Partners Financial serves Richmond, Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico Counties. Even if you are not a current resident, those who attend school or spend time in the area are eligible to apply to become a member. Check out this organization for great rewards and financial opportunities.

When it comes to my pet cat, Rasha, I hold all else second. She is my best friend and is always well behaved. I take her many places with me with me and she has learned to walk along with me on a leash. My favorite thing to do is to take her camping with me. I let her roam where she wants and she always comes back to me. This previous year we decided to check out Old Rag Mountain whichhappy cat is just a few hours away from Short Pump Richmond VA, where I currently live. We started our travels early on a Saturday morning. We didn’t get but 5 minutes out of the city when Rasha started throwing up. I pulled over and she continued to vomit. I took out my phone and searched for the closest veterinarian’s office around which is when I stumbled upon Wellesley Animal Hospital.

I rushed Rasha over there and was very impressed with their sense of urgency and promptness on trying to help my little loved one. I was very nervous and worried for her but they insisted that she was in good hands. They ran some tests and made sure she was well hydrated. It turns out she may have eaten something off the street that induced her to vomit. Maybe she ate poison or rotten food?? She started to recover so I decided not to run any more tests, but to watch out and make sure she doesn’t eat anything she’s not supposed to. The Veterinarian there gave me some information on proper diets for cats and foods to watch out for that could cause them react. He suggest that Rasha get a lot of rest and try to keep her well hydrated. He gave us some medicine that would settle her stomach and some medicine that would lower her anxiety levels.

I was really pleased with the emergency care we received and I could honestly say that this was the best animal hospital in Richmond that I’ve been to. Since this little ordeal, I have made the animal care specialists at Wellesley my primary veterinarians. I have told all my friends and I would highly suggest them to anyone in search of a high quality animal hospital in the Short Pump area.

Granite is hands down one of my favorite materials to work with as an interior designer in Alexandria Va. This material is so diverse and has hundreds upon hundreds of style options to choose from. You can find a pattern that fits almost any style or theme with in your house. When choosing the right pattern make sure to actually go in and see the granite kitchenstone in person. Sometimes a picture doesn’t justify itself. The lighting may reflect off it in a different way and it may look completely different then when you first looked at it.

Granite is optimal for outdoor, kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is super sturdy and can last a lifetime if treated and cared for properly. It usually comes out of the factory fully treated with a resin and glaze coating that should last years but if you decide it needs added protection there are sealants and protectants that can be added later on down the road. Dealing with this stuff for years, I have found the best granite Alexandria has to offer is found at Granite Source which has been around since 1999.

Just for those who want a little history on granite and how it’s formed; I have supplied you with the following information.  This stone is the result of volcanic activity that has occurred of many long years. It is a super dense igneous stone that has been deposited from ancient magna lava flows then cooled. Its crystal look is incorporated as the lava moves over other trace elements like feldspar, quartz, hornblend, mica and many others. This gives that attractive glittering effect that everyone seems to adore. With the help of our ever shifting earth’s crust, these stones are compressed together with thousands of pounds of pressure. As these lava formations harden, our beautiful stone is created. In nature it doesn’t have that shine that we as the consumers see it. That isn’t seen until it is harvested and polished.

After being harvested, it is cut into large slabs. When it is order it is cut down to the specifications then treated with a glaze and resin. It’s then installed and ready to enjoy. Make sure to view all your options on styles because there are thousands. Have fun and good luck! I hope this helped out!

If you have rugs or carpet, dealing with stains is inevitable.  So as a rug owner, you will want to be prepared for the worst.  The problem is that there are so many variables to take into consideration, making being prepared quite difficult.  So before you get down on the floor to start your carpet cleaning, do a little research and consider the following options. So I called around the Northern VA area to many carpet cleaners and compiled a list of helpful tips. The  majority of these tips were provided from Absolute Carpet Care.

 Keep Foot Traffic Awayfrustrated carpet cleaning

Once the stain has been made, you will want to keep people and animals from walking on it and spreading the stain even further.  If you cannot easily block off the space, don’t hesitate to send everyone to a different room and keep Fido occupied outside with some toys for a bit.  The last thing you want is for the mess to become even bigger.

 Blot, Don’t Rub

You will be tempted to rub out the stain using circular motions as it feels like it would be the most effective.  In reality, all this will do is turn your stain into a nice, large circle. You’re just pushing the stain down even more. When it comes to carpet cleaning, blotting is best.  Get clean rags and press down on the stain, absorbing as much of the item as possible.

 Know the Stain

Here is the first step that requires some research.  Depending on the staining agent, you will need to use different cleaning items.  It takes a bit of science.  Different liquids will require various cleaning agents and those for fats will be completely removed from those used with liquids.  And it goes on and on.  Google is your friend on this step. It holds many free resource at the tip of your finger.

 Know the Carpet

Another variable to consider is the type of carpet you have.  Different types of fibers require different care.  Determine what is needed before you buy or at least before you need the knowledge. Usually you can resort back to the provider but if they don’t have proper cleaning techniques for your rug then you can always hit up your friend Google again.

 Keep at It

Oftentimes you carpet cleaning endeavors will not be successful on the first go.  Keep at it until you get the results you need.  And if you cannot, call a service to professionally clean your rug like Absolute Carpet Care. That’s what I ended up doing…. They came out to my home in Fairfax VA, but they are also available in Arlington, Sterling and Alexandria as well. I wasn’t disappointed at all!!